BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterrandstruct: Add FIXME for a possible optimization for checkForBadCastsConnor Kuehl13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-12-22randstruct: Add FIXME for a possible optimization for checkForBadCastsHEADmasterConnor Kuehl
2019-12-22randstruct: Check RecordDeclBits in checkForBadCastsConnor Kuehl
2019-12-22randstruct: add IsRandomized to RecordDeclBitsConnor Kuehl
2019-12-22randstruct: Handle structs ending with zero-sized arraysDan Aloni
2019-12-22randstruct: Detect casts from pointers of randomize structs to other structsDan Aloni
2019-12-22randstruct: Add struct's name into the seedDan Aloni
2019-12-22randstruct: Fix early executionDan Aloni
2019-12-22randstruct: Add randstruct-seed compiler argumentConnor Kuehl
2019-12-22randstruct: Allow to load seed from fileDan Aloni
2019-12-22randstruct: Add a global variable for the seedConnor Kuehl