chip8An implementation of the Chip8 virtual machine written in C++ using the SDL2 lib...Connor Kuehl34 hours
clang-randstructA greenfield reimplementation of the "randstruct" (compile-time structure layout...Connor Kuehl33 hours
covetrCreate wishlists to share with your friends and family! Or just use it to track ...Connor Kuehl34 hours
dotfilesBeing the dotfiles of Connor Kuehl, such as they are Connor Kuehl34 hours
markerelThe parser of choice for the discerning Markdown author Connor Kuehl34 hours
motd.koA completely unnecessary Linux kernel module that can be used to post/view a "Me...Connor Kuehl34 hours
orchardCatch the apples that are falling from the trees in your beautiful orchard! Connor Kuehl34 hours
simple-paddleA Pong clone made in C++ and SFML Connor Kuehl34 hours
simple-relay-chatA simple network chat protocol. Resembles IRC when it was in kindergarten. Connor Kuehl34 hours
tftp An implementation of the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP; RFC 1350) comple...Connor Kuehl34 hours